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Smash Cake Photoshoot

What is a Smash Cake Photoshoot?

Your child's first birthday is a celebration of so many things. Not only is it a celebration of your child's first year of life, but it is also a celebration that you have survived the sleepless nights and the tough newborn stage. To help commemorate the event, parents are opting to do a smash cake photoshoot. A smash cake photoshoot consists of a beautiful cake that is themed to the birthday party, that you allow your child to play with. They can stick their face in the cake, smash their hands in the cake, or even finger paint the backdrop with the cake. The photos end up being both cute and messy, ultimately representing the first year of your child's life and the upcoming toddler years. Is your child's first birthday coming up soon? Book your smash cake photoshoot with Anna Zhmaylik Photography today.

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